Matt grew up in Bakersfield, CA. His wife,  Maryann grew up in the San Diego, they met in the L.A. area. Maryann homeschools their children, assists with music at church, helps with marriage counselling, and plays violin.   Andrew is 19, interested in  creative writing and theology, and is looking into college at Moody Bible Institute. Grace is 16,  sings, plays the piano, and participates in local  theater productions. Nathan is 14 and makes Lego movie clips which he shares online. 
Matt has worked as a youth pastor for ten years, as well as a senior pastor for fourteen years. Maryann was overseeing middle-school Bible clubs for Youth for Christ 

More about the Winslows

 Pastor Matt was raised in the central valley of California born in Fresno and moved many places in the valley through his father’s job as a bank branch manager.  He lived in Tulare, McFarland, Corcoran, and then most of his childhood in Bakersfield before he went to College at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to get a Crop Science degree.  He then went on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ for a short time before he felt called to be a pastor.  Feeling the call he went to Biola University in the LA area and was a youth pastor there for 8 years meeting his wife Maryann who worked for Youth for Christ.  Feeling called to plant a church the family moved to Goodyear Arizona and planted a church which merged with another church before they accepted a position as pastor of a Church in White Mountains of Arizona where he served for 5 years.  God then called him to a position as Pastor of a church Spencer Iowa for 5 years.  Pastor Matt and family accepted the call to minister and came to Lodi in January of 2016, and they have felt they are a loving part of Lodi avenue Baptist Church and the Lodi community since the begining.   

Jim Flood

Worship Leader

Jim leads our music on Sunday mornings.  He's been a part of Lodi Avenue Baptist since 1998.